The Ernest Withers Archive is a separate location from the Withers Gallery and Museum.  It contains a collection of over 1.8 million photographs and negatives.  Organization and digitization efforts are on-going.

Pictures, facts and documents related to the archive and its’ contents are available on this page.

  • Approximately 1.8 million images are contained in the Withers Archive
  • A team of students from Rhodes College has processed 120,000 images and negatives, an estimated 15% of the archive, since May 2015
  • Personal information left on the housing envelopes by Dr. Withers has been added to a new Archive Database that is searchable by topic and date
  • The Withers Archive location is headquarters for our Archival team, lead by Carol McCarley, who processes the materials that comprise Dr. Withers’ vast work

The pictures below provide a glimpse into the tremendous body of work represented in the archive.