Rosalind Withers, President


Rosalind Withers is currently the President and Board Chairman of Withers Collection Museum and Trustee of the Ernest C. Withers Family Trust, since 2008. She is the eighth and youngest child, and the only daughter of Ernest and Dorothy Withers. She is the mother of three, grandmother of three and currently resides in Memphis, TN. Rosalind the steward of all photographs, images, and personal effects of her renowned father, Ernest C. Withers. She draws from a range of educational and corporate experiences.  This includes study at University of Memphis, University of Maryland and Kaplan University.  Her corporate experiences included work with Raytheon Data Systems, Eastman Kodak Company, and FedEx.

In 2013, Tri-State Defender honored Rosalind with the “Women of Excellence” award.

Dr. Denise Lofton, Project Manager

Dr. Dee Lofton, Ph.D., PMP is a certified Project Manager who manages business development and project management for the Withers Collection Museum and Gallery. A trained grants administrator and writer, Dr. Lofton conducts stakeholder engagement, representing The Withers Collection at community events.

Valeska Lipford, Museum Manager

Valeska, “Miss V,” has been at Withers Collection Museum and Gallery since September of 2015. She left Retail Management for something that fueled her passion again, which she found at the museum. Miss V says, “It’s great to be part of a business that is still in the baby stages and to see the business blossom and expand to something really great! We are already something amazing and have such a strong foundation but to be in a place that has such rich history and to be able to share that with the world is a phenomenal feeling. Dr. Withers chronicled so much of American History in his 60 plus years as a photographer. The museum displayed his black and white photography which I believe is so much more powerful than color imagery. Every one should see the collection, especially the youth so they can know their past, so it won’t be repeated in the future!”

Ernest Sawyer, Director of Archives and Research

Ernest “Ernie” Sawyer, a husband and father of four, wears many hats at The Withers Collection Museum and Gallery. Some of his various roles include:

  • Liaison between the archive and external partners
  • Performing in-house digitization
  • Curator of digital images and traveling exhibits
  • Locating, identifying, and consulting for retrieval of archive material
  • Product design
  • Sales Team Partner
  • Tour guide extraordinaire

Rachel Clark, Marketing and Event Coordinator

Rachel Clark studied History at The University of Memphis and is right at home working towards the education about and preservation of Ernest C. Withers expansive collection. Rachel coordinates group tours as well as special events. Contact Rachel for more information or to schedule a tour!  

Jon Morgan Cox, Museum Guide

Jon Morgan, museum guide and salesman, is a high school senior who hopes to continue studying history in college. Jon Morgan is an excellent student who likes to write poetry and listen to music.   

Krystal Young, Sales Associate

Krystal is part of our new sales team, as well as a museum tour guide. She and the rest of the sales team work hard to make sure that The Withers Collection Gallery and Museum can be enjoyed by everyone, not just at our gallery but all around the city!