Welcome to The Withers Collection Museum and Gallery!

Where the Pictures Tell the Story

  • "It’s a downright shame to miss this gallery of photographs from a Memphis treasure. Ernest Withers documented the Civil Rights struggle along with the many uber famous musicians that found that their road to fame had to go through Memphis. Elvis, BBKing, Ike and Tina, Aretha, Sam and Dave, Willie “Pops" Mitchell, and so many more are on display unlike you’ve ever seen them. It’s a great way to spend some time on Beale St. and gain a broader appreciation for what Memphis and the surrounding area was and is, through the lens of Mr. Withers, who had more access than anyone could ever have had."
  • "My wife and I stopped through and visited with the staff of Withers Gallery and also took the tour in which we gained a lot of information that we were unaware of. We were celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Memphis and we were greeted with great hospitality. I would highly recommend for you to take the tour when you're in Memphis. Signing off from Texas #SanitationWorker."
  • "What a wonderful experience.....although very painful, our history is so important. I wish my daddy could have seen what I saw today. Continue doing what you do."
  • "You've seen the photographs, now go see the rest. The staff are wonderful people, and the photos are quite moving. This is definitely worth your time."
  • "Walked in not knowing what we were going to find only to discover our American History told to us in black & white photography! Memphis history, Martin Luther King, sports and music. After talking with the man in charge finding out his grandfather was the photographer of every single photograph hanging. Beautiful gem on Beale street! Thank you Ernest for sharing your grandfather's legacy with us all. Best of luck on your mission. Will definitely stop by on our next visit to Memphis hoping to see even more of your collection."
  • "I loved this place. Definitely one of the coolest places on Beale Street if your interested in knowing about history, love and life in general. This was an awesome experience for me and I was moved by a lot of the work. Thank you!"
  • "One more must see in Memphis. I've been able to put some most amazing pictures to everything I've read and listened to. I recommend the Withers Collection as I have the National Civil Rights Museum, if you truly want to see."
  • "This place is amazing. Honestly, it was the highlight of my trip to Memphis. The gallery just flows smoothly and gives you a deeper background into the history for equality, behind the lens. Dr. Withers has given the world so many amazing photos and yet didn't look for any accolades. Not only did I leave with an amazing photo for my collection, BUT I had an amazing time getting to know Ms. V. She truly is a gem and I loved chatting with her about life and the gallery. So much history and love in one place. I cannot wait to keep adding to my collection. Now the photo I chose has that much more meaning to me! Thank you for your kindness, compassion, knowledge, and above all else, love for a girl from VA!!"