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Where the Pictures Tell the Story

  •   Amazing museum full of amazing, knowledgeable people. A must for those interested in American history or photography. Dr. Withers' work is legendary.

    thumb Wendy Russell VanDyke

      We researched Withers before we headed out on vacation. It was one of our highlights in Memphis. We have already recommended it to family and friends. The collection of amazing photos are well displayed with helpful information posted next to each photo. The photos are displayed in chronological order with informative posters at the beginning of each section. It is a self guided tour that is made exceptional by the insight of the friendly staff. The staff made us feel like family. They made the heart of what Mr. Withers captured on film come alive. Our gratitude goes out to Ryan Butler and Veleska Lipford for making this a wonderful place to visit. Don't miss this gem! Thanks Dennis and Amy

    thumb Amy Dennis Trinkle

      It was an absolute treat to learn more history of our unsung hero! I love the collection!

    thumb Zakiyyah Ajigbeda

      This place is simply amazing. From the poignant pictures to the knowledgeable staff, you'll get concise, humbling history right on Beale Street! If you live in Memphis & haven't been here, go check it out!

    thumb Misty Munn Boone
  •   Excellent historical photos. Love the collection. Thank you!

    thumb Mikios NaturalBodyscrub

      HUMBLING LIFE CHALLENGES: I read this just today & remembered all the folks that said I was a thug & would never amount to anything, I still fondly recall my conversations that I had with a few older gentlemen whom were role models & mentors that believed in ME when I had too many shortcomings but they kept reminding ME over the years that I had to be the ONE to step-up & become what GOD required of me & I did. I did cry with tears in my eyes because many have passed, My FATHER, My DEAR MOTHER, Dr. Ernest C. Withers (Famous Beale St. Photographer), Cong. Harold Ford, Jr. & Alex Haley (ROOTS Author) & so many others that always encouraged ME to excel and I DID ... Calvin L. Williams, BBA, LA, RP Gamma Beta Phi National HONOR Society Certificate of Congressional Recognition - Cong. Harold Ford, Jr. Certificate of Merit The State of Tennessee - State Rep. "Teddy" Withers

    thumb Calvin L. Williams

      "The Two Kings" by Ernest Withers \ Signed & Numbered Prints of ELVIS PRESLEY & B.B.King are now available at ErnestWithers-com website

    thumb Gillian Riley Lepisto

      What a moving excellence! I learned things that I thought I had been educated on but was incorrect. I could have spent hours there. I will definitely be back and will tell my friends. It's a must see for anyone in Memphis!

    thumb Darci Blankis Maples
  •   This gallery is clean professional n full of memories! I absolutely loved it....

    thumb Quienna Davis

      We visited it late this past Saturday night. Not sure what it entailed as we walked in the door. The tremendously inviting people both with their knowledge of his work and wanting to share the images, their history. This was worth the trip. I would highly recommend-and we will be back.

    thumb Sheila Henderson

      Beale street is known for the party scene and lively crowds, but don't forget to take a piece of American history with you when you're there. Stop by the Gallery and see it for yourself, the civil rights movement captured by Ernest Withers. A legend in African American & photography community. The staff is very friendly & knowledgable. Thanks for inviting us in!

    thumb Derek Wong

      A walk through history. @ Black Etowah County/Black-Etowah-CountyFB

    thumb Lynn Leftwich
  •   This museum was an unplanned stop on our Memphis trip, but was an awesome experience. The photos were very enlighting on a period of history that this country needs to remember to ensure we never repeat it. The pictures included many of Martin Luther King but also many of Blues legends. Highly recommend a stop in if you are in the area.

    thumb Kevin McBride

      Such am amazing place, amazing history told through photos.

    thumb Shelby Castleberry

      Memphians please stop by 333 Beale St to visit the Withers Black History Gallery of portraits. The cost is Free. They take donations ( please give). Take your teenagers there. Teach them some of our history of Memphis and all of the South.

    thumb Velera Mckay

      Beautiful and striking photography of a tumultuous era in this country's history. Well arranged images and some favorites of artists.

    thumb Stacey Adger
  •   If you only go one place on Beale Street, this should be it. A wonderful staff and powerful images.

    thumb David Dearnley

      This was an unexpected find amidst the grimeness of Beale St.. What a treasure, amazing images, amazing staff. Would recommend you visit the next time you're in Memphis

    thumb Earl McKnight

      Very educational and perfect for anyone who enjoys photography and local (national) history. Mesmerizing photos and detailed story analysis. Definitely go visit!

    thumb Jordan Andrew Michael

      I loved it. Those pictures spoke a thousand words.

    thumb Seairra Franklin
  •   Great museum and lots of history, very happy I visited

    thumb Robert A Rising

      My siblings and I were in Memphis for a weekend getaway because our roots are in the south. This museum and the employees are amazing. We were in awe of the photographic history before us and the employees were so kind and treated us like family. Imagine our surprise when we shared our experience with our cousin, Geri Withers, only to be told that they were family. Small world. We will definitely visit again.

    thumb Cecilia Peterson

      Visited the museum this weekend and it was everything. The staff was nice and friendly. We even took pictures. My family and I will be visiting again.

    thumb Shay BlessedBeyond Currie

      What a wonderful experience.....although very painful, our history is so important. I wish my daddy could have seen what I saw today. Continue doing what you do.

    thumb Lisa LaDoris Howard
  •   AWESOME PHOTOS. FABULOUS DISPLAY. Great location, nice employees

    thumb Storm Seale

      This place is amazing. Honestly, it was the highlight of my trip to Memphis. The gallery just flows smoothly and gives you a deeper background into the history for equality, behind the lens. Dr. Withers has given the world so many amazing photos and yet didn't look for any accolades. Not only did I leave with an amazing photo for my collection, BUT I had an amazing time getting to know Ms. V. She truly is a gem and I loved chatting with her about life and the gallery. So much history and love in one place. I cannot wait to keep adding to my collection. Now the photo I chose has that much more meaning to me! Thank you for your kindness, compassion, knowledge, and above all else, love for a girl from VA!!

    thumb Monica Johnson

      A must see in Memphis! The photos are amazing and for is older viewers, brings back so many memories.

    thumb Barbara Sullivan

      Wonderful place...hope to come back ...............

    thumb Valerie Ann Rasmusson
  •   A must see! My wife and I walked in on a Saturday evening and spent over 2 hours there. The Museum Director, Ernest Sawyer is a wealth of information.

    thumb Michael Drash

      Absolutely one of the most interesting places in Memphis. Staff was absolutely terrific!!!

    thumb Carol M Byrnes

      Wonderful museum!! Great collection and wonderful staff!!!!

    thumb Becky Lloyd

      One more must see in Memphis. I've been able to put some most amazing pictures to everything I've read and listened to. I recommend the Withers Collection as I have the National Civil Rights Museum, if you truly want to see.

    thumb Rene Velez
  •   So much history in these photographs. Wonderful people and informative tour. Thank you for the experience.

    thumb Trevor Browning

      Lots of great history. Do NOT miss this place!!!!

    thumb Christy En Nasery

      I loved this place. Definitly one of the coolest places on Beale Street if your interested in knowing about history, love and life in general. This was an awesome experience for me and I was moved by alot of the work. Thank you!

    thumb Karen Phillips-Hansen

      Amazing collection and wonderful staff. We got to visit with Ernest the grandson and had an in depth conversation about Martin Luther Kings last march. It is an amazing piece of American History.

    thumb Shauna Graham
  •   I met Frank, Dr. Withers' grandson, and we struck up a conversation and he invited me into the museum. My mind was blown at the history and documentation. An absolutely elegant display of historical photojournalism. I look forward to going back and seeing more.

    thumb Felisha McKenzie-Branscum

      The family loved it. The staff was very informative and approachable. It's was amazing and definitely one of the first stops, you should make if you are visiting Beale Street.

    thumb Destinedfor Greatness Williams

      One thing I know for sure, Memphis, TN is very fortunate to have the world known and world appreciated Museum in our great city! I will visit again and again!

    thumb Loretta McNary

      An unexpected gem! We just happened to walk in not knowing what it was. We're glad we did!

    thumb Katy Richards